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An id please.
One of our elderly motor bikers brought this to our lunch together to ask me if I knew what it was. I don't think I do.

He says it grows to about 4 ft then it loses its leaves in autumn. he brings into the unheated greenhouse for the winter. He doesn't think it flowers or produces fruit.
the hairs are soft.

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It looks like some type of Begonia, but which one I could not say.

18 Oct, 2019


I tried to nip the stem last night to help it take up water and it is hard/woody almost.

Begonia was also a consideration but the edges are 'toothed'.

I wondered if it was a Kiwi fruit as the shape looks right. but if he has it in a pot and doesn't let it scramble/climb that would explain why there are no flowers/fruits.

19 Oct, 2019


That's probably so.
Have a look at this link …

19 Oct, 2019


yep that's the furry stems and leaf shape.

So a kiwi it is then. Thanks for the link it confirmed what I had an inkling about.

we make a good team :o)

19 Oct, 2019


Ha ! :D
I had my doubts about it being a Begonia and I am pleased you thought of Kiwi fruit. Begonia was the nearest I could get. The only other one I thought of was Polyscias scutellaria, but that hasn't got hairy stems and the leaf is a slightly different shape.

19 Oct, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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