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Tate-a-Tete bulbs ... have stayed in their pots over winter and kept dry. Should we keep them dry until Spring or expose them to the weather now? Thanks.



They will be putting down roots so I think you should put them outside, or at least give them water.

19 Oct, 2019


Perhaps you might repot them first - they may have used up all the goodness in the compost last year.

19 Oct, 2019


Thank you Hywel . . . I will do exactly that ๐Ÿ™‚.

Thanks Sue - I took out one bulb and it looked fine, so I will hope for the best (itโ€™s only their second year).

19 Oct, 2019


I've been repotting last years tete et tete bulbs this afternoon. There was one with narcissus fly maggot in it but the rest were firm.
Fresh compost and then they went outside to enjoy the rain. some were just starting to produce roots.

19 Oct, 2019


Until last year we had only grown bulbs in the ground, then tried pots for the first time. So this is all useful info . . . thanks everyone.

19 Oct, 2019

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