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When is the right time to lift my begonias? We had a frost last weekend and one of them has now yellowed. Others still seem fine but showing signs of age and wear, obviously. Should they be lifted before the frost blackens them? Or left until the foliage dies down?




Not sure which variety you're talking about, but they are frost sensitive, so best to dig them up now if you want to keep them for next year.

23 Oct, 2019


Thanks. In honesty, I can't recall either as they were bought loose at the garden centre.

23 Oct, 2019


They're tuberous ones, so definitely do them now. Info in the link below about how to store them

23 Oct, 2019


Thanks for that. I did lift them ones around the back garden this afternoon. The ones at the front are in better condition and still have healthy leaves and a few flowers. However, if the frost returns next week, I'll get them out.

23 Oct, 2019


After the first killing frost, when the leaves droop, out they come.

24 Oct, 2019

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