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We have a cordyline which is about 3 metres tall and it is over a drain. I am concerned that the roots might damage the drain which could do seriously harm. Should we have it removed.



Depends how close your cordyline is to the drain pipe. Generally it won't cause a problem. However, if the giant rhizome is right up against the drain, it could cause problems.

28 Oct, 2019


I'm just wondering how it can be growing over a drain if its planted in soil... The roots on these are not considered invasive, but they do have a fair mass of root structures - the link below might be helpful

28 Oct, 2019


Thanks for your replies. I should have said that it is growing over a drain pipe which is about a metre or so deep. As it is now around 6ins in diameter I think I will have to consider taking it out. A pity as it has been in flower this year. I am wondering if it is now too large to consider replanting as it must weigh quite a lot.

29 Oct, 2019


Trees with a large tap root such as this, generally do not transplant well.

29 Oct, 2019

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