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Damaged begonia corm?

When lifting one of my begonia corms I have sliced an edge off it. The damage is about 4/5cm long but quite shallow. However, it has exposed some pinky/white flesh.

Have I ruined it?



Not necessarily. Put the damaged corm out in dry open air so the wound can 'scab' over. It needs to air dry for a couple days. This will protect it from mold. It's kind of like a potato. So long as it's firm and healthy, it should still grow in the Spring. You should be able to see dormant buds (eyes). My mistake was planting them out too soon and a late frost took them out.

Go buy new begonia corms. Some are pretty amazing. Have you seen 'Rex Begonia'? It's just leaves but amazing leaves. Also check out 'Fireworks Begonia', Wow! who needs flowers?!

31 Oct, 2019


When Geoffrey Smith (Radio and television gardening presenter and Superintendent at Harlow Carr gardens) was alive, he reckoned that you could cut the tubers in half and seal the cut with sulphur or tobacco ash. So, perhaps try and treat the tuber with either if you have them to hand.

31 Oct, 2019


That's interesting and useful. I also heard that cinnamon works too but never tried it.

31 Oct, 2019


I never heard or using cinnamon but sulphur certainly works for cactus cuttings.

31 Oct, 2019


Thanks, guys. After over a week of cold dry weather, things are about to get wet here. However, I will do my best to protect them.

Never heard of Fireworks Begonia but this is the first year for many, many years that I have grown begonias from corms. I tried it on a whim and have enjoyed the experience and results.

I have neither sulphur or ash but do have some cinnamon. So if anyone has tried this, they could let me know how it went for them.

31 Oct, 2019


I found this interesting article online about using cinnamon.

If it doesn't work, you can always sprinkle some in your oatmeal with a little brown sugar - for you, not the begonias! :)

31 Oct, 2019


Very interesting. I think I'll give it a go. Nothing ventured...... and all that!

As for using it on my porridge? No way. Only ever salt. ;)

31 Oct, 2019


Spoken like a true Scot, Derek.

31 Oct, 2019


Betty's bitter batter is a bit better with a little pat of butter

31 Oct, 2019


😊😊😊, Derek.

31 Oct, 2019

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