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Hi All. I have a problem

Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Hi All.
I have a problem :o((
One of my neighbours that’s garden ends at the side of our garden has put up a parallel fence, leaving us with a gap, I can take their old one down & fill the hole left with soil but one part of our garden is raised with concrete & it I fill that in it would come up against the wooden fence, any suggestions in how I could stop the soil being against their fence, I did think of gravel boards but I’m looking for a cheaper option, plus we have gained their Large Hawthorn Tree, will it hurt if the soil comes up the base of the trunk more?

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we used old roof tiles to act as a barrier when we put up a shed and had to back fill.
as for the tree extra soil up against the base to a depth of about an inch or 2 wont do any harm any more than that and it may well do. some trees are very sensitive to this. see what others think.

1 Nov, 2019


Hi, I agree with Sbg, an inch or 2 shouldn't do any harm, but definitely no more than that, Derek.

1 Nov, 2019


Thanks for your help. :o)) You’ve given me an idea :o))
I have some Pavestone’s that may to the trick where some of it is deep down, it’s not easy to see in the pics I have taken, I’m going to add another pic so you can see how deep it is?
The base plinth of another garden is the hight of our garden if you see what I mean, I hope I’m not confusing you LOL xx

1 Nov, 2019


Could you simply accept a slope? A more serious point I thought of though is a legal one. Normally the fence marks the boundary, with the supports indicating whose fence it is.From the photo it looks as though this would indicate that the fence is yours, which might cause problems if either of you ever moved house?

1 Nov, 2019


I also have a 'gap' in the back. That's how I met my neighbor who turned out to be a good friend. We exchange all kinds of goodies 'through the gap'.

2 Nov, 2019


Steragram. The fence isn't ours, all the gardens that back onto the side of our property were there a few years before this place was built, we have five properties & all their back gardens back on to the side of our property :o))

3 Nov, 2019

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