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Does anyone know what this is? I didn't even notice it until now. Thanks

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Could it be a Virginia creeper?

2 Nov, 2019


Looks like it to me.

2 Nov, 2019


Does it creep into other plants and into trees? I've got one that I have to keep in check on a regular basis otherwise it just takes over. Reason for keeping it is it works as screening and gives lovely autumn colour.

2 Nov, 2019


Yes it does Amst. Thanks Julien. There must be several varieties of this.

2 Nov, 2019


It certainly looks like the Virginia creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia, of which there are several named varieties. Red Wall Troki turns fire engine red.
But there are several in the genus Parthenocissus with similar growth habits, including the boston vine and thicket woodbine.

is this the plant you tried to get a name for in the early summer? if yes then it could be Parthenocissus inserta.

2 Nov, 2019


I have another one I thought was Virginia Creeper. I posted a pic in the main gallery. Are you saying I have 2 different stains of Virginia Creeper?

2 Nov, 2019


the pinky one is what I think of as the species Parthenocissus tricuspidata it has 3 lobes on the leaf, common name Boston Ivy/Boston creeper. There are several similar species in the genus Parthenocissus Paul.

I think the confusion arises as the genus is generically called Virginia creepers.
Have a look at these 2 links and see if they match yours.

2 Nov, 2019


Thanks for clarifying Eileen. I'm impressed by your depth of knowledge. I like the Boston Ivy but it's always in the wrong place. Lol

5 Nov, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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