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Dahlia merkii propagation

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Dahlia merkii

I bought one in a 0.5l pot 3 years ago and as it is a hardy one I planted it in the border. it is now covering an area of about 1mx1m. I didn't check if it was a tuber assumed it was.
But how to split it?
I/ve had conflicting advice from other gardening friends.

On plant Dahlia



Dahlias grow from the stem above the tubers, not from the tubers themselves. You need to see if there are multiple stems and then dig it up and carefully separate them retaining as many tubers as possible. Otherwise you are into taking cuttings in Spring from the new growth coming from the stem.

4 Nov, 2019


Hi Eileen, as this 1 is a species Dahlia, it will also come true from seed, allow the seed to dry on the plant, and if you sow the seed indoors, they will need stratification first, they will usually flower in the first year from seed, otherwise as above, Derek.

4 Nov, 2019


I don't think I meant propagation so not sure why I said that, its more a question of how do I split it? so I will look for multiple stems come the back end when it dies back and dries up a bit. [it is siling down at the moment]

but thanks you for your advice gentleman. I always think it is a shame that the individual tubers have not latent buds on the them like a potato. I collected seed last year but forgot to sow it. I will see if it is still viable this coming year.

4 Nov, 2019


Hi Eileen, actually you didn't mention propagation, I just assumed that was what you wanted to know, sorry my fault, I don't know how viable last years seed will be, but nothing ventured, as the saying goes, good luck, Derek.

4 Nov, 2019


That was what I put in the title. so my fault not yours :o)

4 Nov, 2019


Eileen, all of the latent buds of a Dahlia are on the stem. When you separate the tubers, each tuber must include a piece of the stem with at least one dormant bud. You need a good eye, a steady hand and a sharp knife. After you make the cut, let the tubers sit out in open air for a few days so it can scab over. Each tuber will miraculously grow and bloom as a new plant. This is how suppliers maintain stock and this would be great for your plant sales if you can master this technique. It's almost all profit

5 Nov, 2019


Yes I knew that and have successfully taken cuttings in the spring. it was more was it tuberous like the others. as several of my fellow gardening group just said stick a spade through the middle as if it was a clump based plant. that just didn't seem right. But raining and blowing a gale again today so no gardening.

5 Nov, 2019


It's a fairly delicate procedure and the tubers are easily damaged and so is the profits.

5 Nov, 2019

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