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I recently bought a Plantago at a plant sale. The names have mostly worn off but it has round green flowers and plantain leaves. What’s left on the label is —sol rosmarinus. Can anyone identify it please? I’d also like to know if, like most wildflowers, it will be invasive.




I don't think this one is a British native so would doubt it being invasive. I found this reference which might be helpful.

4 Nov, 2019


It is Plantago major rosularis. Common name Rose plantain due to the rosette 'deformity'. the actual species P major isn't particularly invasive but it does seed freely and when it gets in the grass it isn't always easy to remove.
Seeds are available from Plant world seeds.

4 Nov, 2019


Well that's interesting! Have you seen one?

4 Nov, 2019


Not in the wild but in a physic garden. It has been documented since medieval times.

5 Nov, 2019


Thanks for the info everybody, not sure now whether to plant it or not though if it does get into the lawn it’ll have to fight the moss for space!
Stera, your link was impossible to read as it spread right across the width of the iPad screen and was then obliterated by colours etc on the website. Could you possibly send it again? Thank you.

6 Nov, 2019


I didn't save it - but all I did was put the plant name into Google and several links came up. If you can't find it from that let me know and I'll try again.

6 Nov, 2019

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