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I have started getting constant ads on here and on my laptop as I switch it on. Does anyone know how I get rid of them please ?



next to the ad there are 2 tabs. one is a pale bluex click on that and you have the option of ot seeing that add again. I have recently started getting them and this gets rid of them but there are others.

hope that helps

5 Nov, 2019


I have got Addblock. I kept getting ads about funerals and dating sites, and I am not interested in either of those. Although it was possible to get rid of them for a while they always came back after a few days … so I uploaded Addblock. Now I don't get any ads at all on any sites I look at, and it's much better :)

5 Nov, 2019


Hywel, I use Addblock Plus and lately I have had a few ads creeping through on Outlook so I've found that from time to time it is necessary to update with the latest version.

5 Nov, 2019


It's well worth getting one or two free clean-up utilities & running them once a week or so. They'll clear most of the little files that get dropped onto your hard drive when web surfing. Ccleaner is a good one but look at a reputable computer repair website for other, up-to-date, free apps

5 Nov, 2019


In addition to adblock I would recommend using the 'diskcleanup' tool that came built into the operating system if you are on a Windows platform. It's on the c drive in the system tools folder.

5 Nov, 2019


All that sounds too complicated for me. I have never had any trouble with addblock. I haven't seen an advert for years.

5 Nov, 2019


Thanks all of you. Hopefully I will stop them coming on !

6 Nov, 2019


I have to say I'm really not aware of the ads, a bit like crying babies, I don't register them either!

8 Nov, 2019


I am fed up of ads popping up so pleased you asked this Rose I've just installed Hywel's idea, we'll see how we get on....

11 Nov, 2019


I don't know how I did it Sue, but I clicked on something and I haven't been getting them !

13 Nov, 2019


I have been getting so many every day Cammomile , that I couldn't ignore them ! How do you ignore crying babies ! Hahaa!

13 Nov, 2019

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