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Does anyone grow Liquidambar styraciflua 'slender silhouette' in their garden? If so could you post a picture and tell me its rate of growth? Many thanks



What is your soil like Amsterdam? We grew a Liquidambar in our previous garden - in clay - and it only grew very slowly, to three-and-a half feet in three or four years. (Obvs no picture, sorry!) Hope someone can help . . .

5 Nov, 2019


Google says 6m high and 1m wide at maturity..

5 Nov, 2019


Yes Sue, that sounds like the giant one at Wisley, but garden designers still suggest it for our modest gardens!

6 Nov, 2019


Ah well, these days some people don't seem to mind - just get rid when it gets too big...
Makes you sad though doesn't it.

6 Nov, 2019


Hi, I think 'google have got their sizes wrong on this 1, my understanding is that it puts on 1 - 2 ft in height each year, growing to around 60 ft, by about 6 ft in width, Derek.

6 Nov, 2019


Well there certainly seems to be a bit of a discrepancy on its final size. Maybe not suited as a small garden tree after all ....

7 Nov, 2019


Lol Derek - maybe Google thought it had finished growing when it hadn't!

8 Nov, 2019


I had a liquidamber 'Worplesdon' on heavy clay. It grew but never developed good autumn colour and was a great disappointment. Notice the past tense!

9 Nov, 2019

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