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Info Please.
Is it ok to lift Dahlias now & should I pot them up to let them die down? Jackie:o))



I always lift them round about this time of year, and store them in a polly tunnel, and use straw to protect them, I cut most of the growth back, then the rest a little later before storing.

6 Nov, 2019


I have just lifted mine. I have cut off the stems, washed the soil off and have left them to dry out. I will be storing them in some old, dry compost in a large pot in a frost-free spot under a bench. Just as an aside, don't forget to use some labels and attach them to the tubers to remember the colours and varieties for next year.

6 Nov, 2019


Depends where you live TBH, I leave mine in the ground in Hampshire

6 Nov, 2019


I lift mine when they get blackened by the frost and knock them out of their pots. I cut the stems down to 4" and stand the tubers stem down to help the stalks drain. they then get stored in sawdust in the frost free shed.
I do have 2 that are left in the garden, one is the hardy D merkii and the other is D pinnata Park Princess. she is buried 8" deep though.

6 Nov, 2019


Thanks everyone one for the info :o))
Sunburngirl. I have a lot of sawdust due to hubby being a cabinet maker :o))
Have a nice day all xx
Jackie xx

6 Nov, 2019


I would like to know which process works out for you Jackie. Can you give a follow-up in the Spring? Mine dissolve into sawdust by February. I treat them as annuals now.

6 Nov, 2019


Will do Bathgate, that’s if I remember LOL x

7 Nov, 2019

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