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I have a Sophora Sun King = 'Hilsop' it is spreading out too much & wondered if it would hurt to cut it back?



Hi Ladyessex
advice for this is pruning group 1 link below

6 Nov, 2019


Hi, have a look at the answers you got to this question on 9th July 2017, Derek.

6 Nov, 2019


That was a long time ago, my memory fails me a lot:o(( but I’ll try and find it if I can as I don’t remember asking this question before?
How do I find my 2017 answers?
Oh! It’s ok I found out how to find 2017 answers LOL, funny, I don’t remember asking before, these senior moments are a nuisance:o((

7 Nov, 2019


Hi, I get senior moments as well, I just happened to remember you asking this before, so I looked back through your questions, saves typing all the info again, no worries, Derek.

7 Nov, 2019


Ha! Ha! Derekm xx

8 Nov, 2019


I have been in touch with the RHS with my question but I give up as this was the reply......

Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Our advisory service now has an online system in the MyRHS area. This allows you to ask questions and upload photos anytime you wish. Once the advice has been submitted you will receive an email when the advice has been answered. You will be able to access your library of advice whenever you wish in the MyRHS area.

I’m totally confused so as I said.... I give up LOL x

8 Nov, 2019


the links I gave should take you to a page on the plant and then onto how to prune gp 1
sorry if they don't work.

8 Nov, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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