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By Cecelia

Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello Everyone, I have just got a twig nine inches long with a label on it saying "shrub Willow nice red stems" there are no roots on it. Can I just stick it in the ground and see what happens or do I need to do something with it.? Also I have got a Teasel flower head with some seed in it. No roots just a stem with a head on with seed in. What do I do with that. Please don't say put in the BIN. Regards Cecelia



Your willow should root easily by just sticking it the ground. The usual problem with willow twigs is preventing them rooting when you don't want them to...

You could try putting your teasel head in an envelope or something and tapping it to shake the seeds out. When you think you've got them all you can then indeed put it in the bin, or spray it gold when it will go in a festive decoration.
Waste not want not!

8 Nov, 2019


Stick the twig in a pot of soil based compost or ordinary garden soil. assuming the thicker end is the lower portion of the twig that goes in the soil. when you see new growth in the spring plant it where you'd like it to grow. Once you have leaves etc then you can identify it properly.

As for the teasel seeds scatter them where you'd like them to grow, baring in mind that they produce a large spikey rosette of leaves. or grow in a soil based compost but leave the pots outside. if you have the space they are an eye catching plant. I would not bin them either.

8 Nov, 2019


I would first cut about ¼" off the bottom of the twig so it can hydrate. To do that, put it in 1 cup water with about ¼ tsp hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours, then in some soil and water in with that water. This will super oxygenate the stem, which is needed for root growth. I had problems getting a dahlia cutting to root until I tried this method.

8 Nov, 2019


When I helped with our local Wildlife Trust we had to shave an inch of bark off the bottom of the twigs (intended for making willow sculptures)to prevent them rooting, so you can be reassured they are tough as old boots!

8 Nov, 2019


I do have a Salix fragilis. I cut it off a tree I was trimming and immediately stuck it in the ground. It grew and now it is resisting every effort to kill it. It's just that usually the twigs that are sold are a little old and need some help in getting started.

8 Nov, 2019


Thank you all for your good advice. It will be interesting to see if I get a willow and a teasel. I will be pleased if I do. I know I have said it before but your advice is really helpful.
Regards Cecelia

8 Nov, 2019


The willow can be put straight into the ground, but would avoid putting this near to your house or neighbours as they can cause damage, it will grow in the spring, and will give a few stems, after a couple of years you can hard prune this and that’s when you get many new stems and the lovely vibrant colour will liven the garden up in the winter, the teasels are biennial and will form a rosette the first year then in the second year you get the teasels, all you need to do is scatter the seeds in your favoured position, rake them in a little and let nature do it’s thing, they are very easy to germinate.

8 Nov, 2019


Thank you all you "Great Gardeners"

16 Nov, 2019

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