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I wonder what it's like to garden on greensand? found in Wiltshire and dorset




“Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.”

Green sand is an excellent soil conditioner harvested from the ocean. Many minerals are only needed in trace amounts, such as boron, but too much boron is toxic.

19 Nov, 2019


I think that's why I asked the question not too much info out there on the internet it's not that widespread in u.k. but the garden plot I'm looking at is surrounded by agricultural farmland be interesting to find out what they grow there and if the soil has been worked to dilute it. I looked at the site on Google maps and would say that the greensand has had no effect on the general landscape which looks like your typical english rural countryside. Very green and bountiful.

19 Nov, 2019


That's true and there are always those who want to make a quick buck. It's good that you can see through fanciful marketing schemes. Somebody once tried to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge.

19 Nov, 2019


There are outcrops of greensand in West Sussex as well. Some very nice gardens.....

20 Nov, 2019


All I can offer is that I was astounded what I could grow in Builders' sand at my last garden! lol....good drainage cannot be overvalued in gardening I find! Walking the cliffs in Dorset I noticed a huge variety of plantlife on the fringes and in the gardens immediately behind the cliffs. I was particularly staggered by the beautiful succulent flowers which were enormous! And masses of sea kale etc.

24 Nov, 2019


Always buy washed Horticultural Sand. Builder use sand
from the seashore, very salty, no good at all to plants.

29 Nov, 2019


I don't think they did in our garden Goldenoldie...everything I planted in it grew beautifully!

29 Nov, 2019

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