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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

My Photinia has been struggling seemed to pick up late summer, early autumn. I noticed a couple of weeks ago the leaves looked really mottled/unhealthy. I’m not sure if it has been affected by heavy rain and become quite waterlogged?
It’s on the rockery area, which is quite steep.
Any advice or answers most welcome.

On plant Photinia x fraseri




I guess that you have Shot Hole disease. They start with those red blotches and then they fall out leaving a hole. Many Photinia suffer from this disease. You can leave it or spray with Fungus Fighter which will deal with it in the short term but it often returns. I would leave it and perhaps just give it a good feed in the spring and leave it.

25 Nov, 2019


Thanks Jimmy, I’ve looked this shot hole disease up - looks like you’re right with the diagnosis. I’ll take your advice.

25 Nov, 2019


I think its Photinia leaf spot, rather than shothole disease - its a physiological disorder common in Photinia in this country. They don't like damp cold weather much, so this often happens and it will recover in spring when new growth begins. Further info in the link below, scroll down and select Problems...

25 Nov, 2019


Both mine have this,Kate,and although unsightly,I shall just leave them alone,and just pick up and dispose of the fallen leaves. They just have to take their chances.

25 Nov, 2019


Thanks Bloomer and Bamboo. I’ll have a look the site/link you mentioned.

26 Nov, 2019


I can’t grow them here...they just die.

26 Nov, 2019


That’s a pity, saying that, your garden looks fantastic without having them in it!

29 Nov, 2019


Thanks Kate! I'm not too bothered to be honest. They aren't a favourite of mine. Although when I see them in southern gardens they are stunning...and they flower too! Gorgeous in the right environment. Not great in Eastern Scotland.

29 Nov, 2019

How do I say thanks?

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