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Dilemma. I keep on looking out of my kitchen window and wanting to get those leaves off the lawn! However the lawn is so wet been told to keep off the lawn to prevent any further damage. So what do I do? Leave the leaves or go out there and get them off the lawn? Rain is forecast for the foreseeable future and itโ€™s raining now and my lawn is a quagmire. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks

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What you need is some old wooden boards, like old floorboards or scaffold boards - the idea is to lay those down where you're going to walk and where you will stand, and work off those. Certainly, those leaves won't be doing the lawn any good at all, so they do need to come off, but if the lawn is so wet that when you step on it, water wells up around your footprint, doing it without boards will be difficult and not great for the lawn either. The other option is to wait till all the leaves are down (which should be soon) and then take a chance and do it - but preferably standing on a firm surface such as a board when you're actually raking up, even if you walk lightly across the lawn to get to the area.

I use old shelving for this sort of situation, but they're mdf and slippery, so care has to be taken that I don't go flying when doing something vigorous! Proper wood is better, no shiny surface, ,but depends what you've got knocking about that you can use.

28 Nov, 2019


Thatโ€™s a great idea, thanks for that. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป Will have a kook what I have got in my garage.

28 Nov, 2019


For future reference, if you varnish a piece of wood and then sprinkle sand on it while it is still damp, you finish up with a surface like sandpaper which is non-slippery. It's what dinghy sailors have in their boats

28 Nov, 2019


Thats good to remember Andrewr. Lots of old half tins of varnish/paint getting solid and no further use could be used for this very sensible idea.

29 Nov, 2019


As you can see from the latest photo, I have managed to hoover up the leaves with my lawnmower and put them in my leaf compost bin. Another job done. ๐Ÿ˜‰

30 Nov, 2019

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