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I have flagged these.

Morning all I have flagged all the spurious questions about problems logging in to email and facebook etc.

I will now go and do the blogs as I notice there are some there too.



I have flagged them too ,Eileen..blinking nuisance !

4 Dec, 2019


Me too!

4 Dec, 2019


So have I, but so many!

4 Dec, 2019


Thank you, saved me the trouble.
I was a bit shocked!

4 Dec, 2019


Just flagged another 5 4 by henryjurk and another by allen some one or other.

4 Dec, 2019


I have just flagged lots of blogs.
I have noticed that since GoY's problems have been put right, lots of these types of blogs appear.

I have also flagged a photo advertising abortion pills, and another of a very brazen girl holding a football.

4 Dec, 2019


not had the advert problem but thanks for flagging it Hywel.

seems odd that we have suddenly got a rash/rush of these nuisance blogs/questions.

4 Dec, 2019


6 Blogs again today by Henry-something … all flagged

5 Dec, 2019


Henryjurk! I flagged them at 7.30 this am. perhaps they will disable his account.

5 Dec, 2019


I hope so.

6 Dec, 2019

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