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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Any one with experience of looking after this house plant....think it may be a parlour palm?
I have no luck generally keeping house plants for very long and would welcome any advice.




This looks like a Kentia Palm. Bright indirect light, no direct sun at all: keep soil evenly moist but drier in winter; average humidity: keep away for heaters or a/c:

5 Dec, 2019


Thanks. I think I may need to move it to a slightly brighter spot :-)

6 Dec, 2019


It's just a youngin'. they can get quite large.

6 Dec, 2019


parlour palm I think, Chamaedorea elegans - care for both that and other indoor palms in the link below, but the one thing I notice is they don't like really hot rooms - I had one on the unheated landing outside my front door for 19 years, year round open window and all, just recently sold it to someone because it got too big .. it got sun in winter, but none in summer.

6 Dec, 2019


I used to spray mine (fine spray of water) reasonably often and it appeared to like it. It lived on a table near a window but not in direct sun. Had it for years.

6 Dec, 2019


Sue - I have had one in my office for over 10 years. I water it once per week. It does very well under the florescent office lights and is always so lush & green. Decked out now for the holidays. I never had any trouble with this one, no bugs or anything. I really enjoy having it there.

This is one plant that would love artificial grow lights that you can pick up anywhere these days and install yourself.

7 Dec, 2019


Once you place it, do not move it. It will adjust to its little niche. Thereafter if you move it it will more likely than not go into shock.

8 Dec, 2019


Thanks again everyone. I will give it my best and just hope it likes my house environment 😊

10 Dec, 2019

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