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I have a two year old monkey puzzle tree.i repotted this year into slightly larger pot using John innis compost.The tips of branches are turning yellow. I thought this was new growth.can this plant be saved?

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Thanks for any help.

10 Dec, 2019


it really needs to be in the ground and over time it will become a very big tree.

but it is salvageable so don't give up hope. link is to the RHS page on it.

welcome to GoY too.

10 Dec, 2019


Thank I will look it up thank you .

10 Dec, 2019


From the little I know, it's only when the end growth turns brown that it becomes a problem. Just new growth is a possibility. It might be an iron or magnesium deficiency that's the problem as it has been growing in a container and the nutrients would be washed away when the plant was watered. Although it is a hardy tree I would consider sheltering it over the winter period. Wait until springtime and give it a feed of Sequestered Iron or Magnesium (Epsom Salts) and perhaps consider planting it in the garden where it can happily grow to more than 100 feet.

10 Dec, 2019


Yes it needs to be in the ground, and they do grow very tall, so careful thought is needed where you put it.

11 Dec, 2019



12 Dec, 2019


Mine has always been in the ground and has never shown any discolouration, so as the members suggest, the pot could be the problem.

13 Dec, 2019


Thanks will try to get it planted as soon as the weather gets better thank you.

14 Dec, 2019


They do get big, mine was 1 foot tall when I planted, in wet clay and it’s thrived, that was about 19 years ago, it’s now about 18 feet high.

14 Dec, 2019


I have had my Monkey tree for 15 years and , Yes , they grow quick. I pruned mine back last year and took approx. 5 ft off the top and reduced its diameter by about 3 feet . It felt very drastic at the time but it is just as healthy and back to a controllable size.

14 Dec, 2019


Thank you all for your comments.

16 Dec, 2019

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