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Angus, United Kingdom Gb

Clematis urophylla 'Winter Beauty'. Has grown beautifully this year and was covered with buds. The past couple of years it has flowered ok in February. But this week it suddenly dropped every single flower bud. Could this be down to excess wet? Or is it more likely cold? Or could it be some other reason? I am gutted!



Its probably a combination of both Karen. Sad though when it shows so much promise. You may be lucky and it re-bud for spring.

14 Dec, 2019


Oh, I do hope so SBG...I was so looking forward to seeing it. And it looks so healthy in terms of glossy green leaves. At first I thought the roofer was to blame with his ladders...but it the same on both sides of the arch, so that’s unlikely. But we have had so much wet here...its like living on the West Coast! Miserable.

14 Dec, 2019


This prompted me to check mine Karen and exactly the same, all buds have dropped off. I bought three different Clems in small pots back in May ( 3 for £5 in Asda) and they grew so well but this was the biggest and looks so healthy. Never mind, there's always next year.

15 Dec, 2019


Aw...what a pity Thorny. As you say...theres next year.

15 Dec, 2019

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