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By Driad

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

I succumbed to temptation on Friday ; I saw some amazing cyclamen , one for £6.95 or three (plus delivery) for £15 . Well !!
My question is should I thin out the leaves to allow the flowers beneath them to grow , or leave them to their own devices ?
Just look at the difference between the small one and the other one .




I love cyclamen they are beautiful plants.
Did you buy them as names species or just as un-named ones. its important to know so you can give them the best care. though I suspect the large flowered one is an indoor species; Cyclamen persicum. So don't plant it outside. The smaller one may be C hederifolium but it could be another species and is probably hardy to 0c.
Id leave them to their own devices but remove any yellowing leaves and spent flower heads to encourage more flowers.
water from the bottom when the compost compost feels dry and avoid draughts and dry air from radiators.

15 Dec, 2019


Thanks Seaburngirl . No species was mentioned , but they are the biggest that I have ever seen .

15 Dec, 2019


The smaller one gives an indiction of hederifolium to me, but they finished flowering a while ago. The trouble is that with commercially raised plants you can never tell. I would follow SBG advice an raise as house plants.

15 Dec, 2019


Don't take the leaves off. Agree they are two different varieties

15 Dec, 2019


Thanks Stera and Bulba , I was going to keep them indoors It was the size of them that surprised me . They are quite magnificent !

16 Dec, 2019

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