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By Julien

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Just thought I would share this, I have spent the day in the secret allotment garden, and whilst I sat in my shed I was amazed to see a robin gathering nesting material and taking it into one of my leylandii columns where a nest is nearly complete, it seems way to early for them to start nesting.



it may just be making a winter bed so it can stay warm and snug. perhaps it knows winter weather is on the way. A wren was taking moss into a nest box last week and there are 5 sleeping in there at the moment.

either way nice to have them staying in the location.

21 Dec, 2019


Good to know that our little birds are able to protect themselves in cold weather. How lovely for you to see that Julien and perhaps it is a nest for eggs.

21 Dec, 2019


I think they are getting ready for nesting already. I can hear them starting to chirp away even as early as this. There was a big pheasant in next door's garden yesterday making a terrible noise.

22 Dec, 2019


Must have been lovely to watch this Julien! Also, nice to have a secret allotment garden and shed!

22 Dec, 2019


I often see pheasants hiding in gardens when there's a shoot and I silently wish them luck.
Be interesting to keep an eye on that nest. All nature is cockeyed now isn't it.

22 Dec, 2019


Oh dear if its nesting I hope it changes its mind - the weather is likely to get a lot colder before it gets to sensible nesting times. Better lay in a store of meal worms, just in case!

23 Dec, 2019

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