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I'm looking for a rose with the name maureen in the title, I'm making a family memorial rose garden. Thankyou



I don't know of any roses named Maureen. It seems to me that there are many companies that will supply a rose with a label with name of your choice. Having said, are other members of the same opinion. The only Maureen I know of is a clematis which is grown by Thorncroft Clematis Nursery in Norfolk.

26 Dec, 2019


Someone asked a similar question back in 2009 - some answers in the link below

26 Dec, 2019


This is all I can find:

Maureen Roses: The Maureen Rose is a lovely medium to large headed cream rose. Maureen Roses have a medium petal count, strong stems and a good vase life.

26 Dec, 2019

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