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Agapanthus seedlings. I bought a seed head back from Italy of a delicate mauve agapanthus in early October. I sowed the fresh seed immediately and 5 seeds germinated. They have been on a kitchen window sill that faces north east. They have been in a mixture of very fine vermiculite and some compost. I have transplanted the seedlings now into individual pots as they have had 2 good leaves each but seemed to have stopped growing in the past few weeks. I am going away for 3 weeks in January and not sure whether to leave them in our cool house or move to a cold greenhouse. Anybody help please. Thanks.



I'd put them in the greenhouse personally. if you have only recently potted them on then I wouldn't expect them to do much growing until the roots have established and it start to warm up a bit.

they wont need any water while you are away either. Hope you have a lovely break away.

27 Dec, 2019


As long as the greenhouse doesn't actually freeze, they will benefit from the extra light. Long term, they want sharp drainage, bright light, and regular light feeding with something close to 3-1-2, such as 15-5-10, 21-7-14, etc. Like many tropical plants, good levels of potash do more to stimulate bloom than high levels of phosphate.

27 Dec, 2019

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