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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

A friend brought me a flamingo lily plant the other evening when she came to my dinner party. I’m not great with house plants! I’ve positioned it at a window and watered it also. Will have to buy a pot and dish for it. She brought it over on Sunday 29th, so I’ve had it for several days.
I’m not sure how to care for it to be honest, some of the leaves are brown and dying. Saying that, the flowers look quite nice and there seems to be some new growth.
Any advice most welcome.

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this is the rhs advice.

I suspect the change in temp will have sent it into a little bit of shock.

3 Jan, 2020


A tropical plant that grows on the floor of a tropical rain forest so keep it in a place with indirect sunlight. Also keep it in an area of high humidity and finally water it daily but the roots must not be in standing water. So...from your pictures I see that you have placed it right by a warm kitchen or bathroom sink window with direct sunlight dimmed by blinds and indirect artificial light...very good. Since this plant must be watered every day do the following to prevent root rot....plant in a pot with good draining potting soil.....when watering place the pot (without the saucer) in the sink and water it with one day old room temperature water. Let it stay in the sink for 5 to 10 minutes to allow all the excess water to go down the drain. While in the sink mist the plant also on a daily basis, shake off the excess water after misting. The rainforest substrate is very poor in nutrients so fertilize very lightly and do this once every few months. This is one of those plants that require a daily routine so this can be done while making a pot of coffee if in the kitchen or after brushing your teeth if the locale is in the bathroom:)

4 Jan, 2020


Thank you both, Eileen and Loosestrife2, much appreciated!
Great advice given, I’m not au fait with houseplants. I do have a pretty little orchid which my Mum brought down in October. It seems to be ok...
I’ve put this flamingo lily at one of the kitchen windows, blinds are usually slightly tilted. I actually bought a nice pot for it when out shopping ( albeit only for this item! )
Thanks again for the research!

5 Jan, 2020

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