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I have a pot grown pyracantha, red, should I risk planting out now, it's been wet and mild enough, I live edge of Lincs/ Cambridge? Thanks.



Yes, if the ground isn't frozen, you can go ahead and plant it out. It should be a quick and easy process. Once you have it planted, give it a good soaking to settle it in, but no fertilizer until spring when it wakes up. Happy New Year!

8 Jan, 2020


Hi, a lot depends on where you have it now, if it's in a pot outside, it will be better planted in the ground, if on the other hand you have it somewhere protected, it could have gone a bit soft, and could need to be hardened off before planting out, otherwise as above, Derek.

8 Jan, 2020


I agree if it has been outside the whole time then yes plant it. If its been under glass/cold porch etc then have it outside during the day and in at night for a week or two, then if still frost free then plant it out.

8 Jan, 2020


Thanks. Happy New year

8 Jan, 2020


Thank you, and the same to you, Derek.

9 Jan, 2020

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