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I saved a couple of pips from a clementine I ate at Christmas. Is it worth trying to grow a plant from them? If so, how would I start it off?



it is a fun thing to do though you wont get fruit for several years. probably 7-10 actually.

pop them into a soil based compost and keep frost free. germination is usually a couple of months in my experience. [that could be due to the time of year and temperature I have done it at though]

10 Jan, 2020


There are lots of videos on YouTube on how to start oranges and lemons from seed. I did it, once. It took 18 years to get the first fruit. There were a lot more this year, and I eat them as soon as they ripen. You have to be aware that you may or may not get good fruit. For me, definitely worth it.

10 Jan, 2020


I have a grapefruit from a pip, been about 25 years now and only blossomed once, in 2018. Never had fruit from that brief show

Nice glossy potted shrub that is outside in a sheltered spot

10 Jan, 2020


My grandmother always did that. She used to push the pips into pots of Pelargoniums she had on her windowsill and they'd grow away. She had all sorts of things growing together in different pots.

10 Jan, 2020


Thank you everyone! They’ve been in a glass of water for a couple of weeks, if they’re still ok tomorrow I’ll pot them up.

10 Jan, 2020

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