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By Sunbeam

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Rosemary bush - again! I’m now sure it’s died. I’d like to grow another one in a pot. How big a pot do I need ? Ideally I’d like a reasonable sized plant ( at least 12 inches tall) is Miss Jessica a good variety and any other tips please
Thank you very much for your help



Rosemary bushes can be temperamental Sunbeam....if they are pruned too severely into the woody parts,they suffer and sometimes die.

10 Feb, 2020


Do you mean Miss Jessop's Upright? Its a good variety, and tends to be a little more upright than the others. Rosemary is rather like lavender in that it does not grow from old, woody parts and tends to get rather woody and leggy over time, so if you want a green and bushy plant, its best replaced every few years anyway. It will not get as large in a pot as it would in the ground, but once you've bought the new plant, pot it up in something a couple of sizes larger than its original pot, then pot on as necessary.

10 Feb, 2020


Thank you very much for the replies yes I did mean Miss Jessop’s - problem with predictive text and me not checking !!
I think that variety looks nice and neat so hopefully better for a pot

10 Feb, 2020

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