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Pteridophyllum racemosum.

Does any one grow this woodland plant? I have the chance to have some but not sure about growing conditions.



Hi Eileen, this is a new 1 to me, so I asked mr google, this is what I found.
gives advice on growing conditions, hardiness, etc, Derek.

12 Feb, 2020


Yes I had also googled it but I was hoping for some first hand experience. Thanks for helping.

12 Feb, 2020


I planted one last spring that flowered, but still waiting to see if it reappears. It is not supposed to like hot summers so our 35C might have been too much for it

12 Feb, 2020


Thanks Andrew. We didn't get it that warm here so I might give it a go. I will have to put it near the Camellia as that has soil enriched with tannic rich leaf litter. [ I garden over chalk so alkaline soil] Oh exciting times ahead.

13 Feb, 2020


What a lovely plant! Doesn't look too demanding as long as it has some shade from hot sun. Very best of luck with it.
If you plant it among ferns it won't half surprise people!

14 Feb, 2020


Edrom have it on their website at the moment and they give fairly straight forward instructions on growing it on well drained soil in partial shade. They describe it as a woodlander. They are very good about giving advice if you phone or email them.

14 Feb, 2020


One of my hps members grows it and he says slightly acidic or neutral. well I am alkaline so I will be digging in lots of beech leaf litter. I will give it a go. and if they don't make it they are still better value than a bunch of flowers. He gets his from Japan for about £7 each plant complete with photo-sanitary certificates etc.

15 Feb, 2020

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