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Bought one rather overpriced at Crocus. Poor condition and customer service offered 50% refund and/or paying for its return! DO NOT BUY from CROCUS.. Over-rated and arrogant customer service manager!

On plant Garrya



Disappointing. Crocus are quite expensive but I've never read any complaints before. Are you going to keep it and nurse it back to health? Could you add a photo to your question to show us how bad it is?

15 Feb, 2020


welcome to GoY.
that is interesting as others have always spoken highly of them, even though I do think they are expensive.

15 Feb, 2020


I've bought from crocus in the past, and I've noticed that their prices have gone up alarmingly, especially over the last few years, I've given up on them now, their 1 redeeming feature is they charge a low price for delivery, and it's the same price, whether you spend £10, or £1000, but they do make up for that with their plant prices, Derek.

15 Feb, 2020


I had good customer service with Crocus. I bought some plant supports from them recently, these:

The legs arrived but not the grow-through rings. I sent a photo of what I had received, and they sent the missing bits within 24 hours

15 Feb, 2020


I have started using farmer gracey, they have a good selection of plants and they are always promoting offers, after I had placed 5 orders they sent me a voucher for £7:50 of the next purchase.

16 Feb, 2020


Sounds interesting.

16 Feb, 2020


I have also bought from Crocus and the plants have been very good. I think you might just have been unlucky, Twills. It's disappointing though when that happens.

18 Feb, 2020


Thanks for your responses.

Well, it wasn't a one-off with Crocus. They also monopolise RHS Online Plants. So you thing you're purchasing from RHS and the money goes to their causes. Er NOT. It goes straight to CROCUS; also Waitrose Garden Plants. My neighbour has also experienced rude and aggressive customer service from Crocus; particularly their she 'manager'. The response from them for sending out dead plants; stating they'd give a 50% reduction and charge me for the return delivery is outrageous! Not an unlucky purchase by any means! Be WARNED. They are OVER-PRICED, try to monopolise the market AND there are other good independent sellers out there. One a replier has already stated. BALLYROBERT GARDENS, NORFOLK PLANTS, MAIL ORDER TREES, ASHBRIDGE, for starters. Yes, their redeeming feature is the low cost postage; but for the trouble (weeks!); not worth it. BALLYROBERT GARDENS are even lower and all round better service. AVOID CROCUS/WAITROSE AND RHS PLANTS! They're all CROCUS!

All learned from bad experience.

22 Feb, 2020


It states related products below and then advertises on behalf of Crocus?! Is this site owned by them too!?

22 Feb, 2020


No its not owned by them but they pay advertisment space. So do other national growers like Parkers etc.

22 Feb, 2020

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