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Hi, I live in an urban area and have a small front town garden, with no grass, just potted plants. Last Summer I bought a young red robin and potted it in a container. However, I've noticed that something has been nibbling away at the new growth but with no signs of any pests on the plant itself. Can you advise please? Many thanks.



Might be slugs/snails, they rather like the young leaves on these plants.

18 Feb, 2020


Yes it could well be slugs/snails. I may also be birds having a nibble.

18 Feb, 2020


Have you looked under the pot?

18 Feb, 2020


It could be vine weevil, the adults will nibble the leaf edges, this normally takes place summer into autumn, but if I were you I would lift it out the pot and have a look for signs of the small white grubs tease out some of the roots to check thoroughly, potted plants are quite often affected by vine weevil and if you have them then the roots will be nibbled away resulting in the death of the plant, you would expect this in the spring but due to mild winters I have noted vine weevil grubs in dec,jan and feb in the past few years.

20 Feb, 2020

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