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By Jennh

East Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone identify this plant growing in a friends garden please. It has us puzzled

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Several come to mind. One of the campanulas, Borage, comfrey, Scrophularia or even a salvia.
are the leaves prickly/stiff hairs? are they scented?

22 Feb, 2020


Thank you for your reply I will ask, my friend is another "site friend" I thought it may have been one of the small wild teasels. Its had me puzzled it looks familiar and yet ?

22 Feb, 2020


Teasels have raised spikes in the leaf which this doesn't have. It looks so familiar to me too.
does the leaf have 2 small leaflets towards its base?

22 Feb, 2020


Yes it does have the two small leaflets and not hairy

22 Feb, 2020


This looks like a verbascum I have in the garden.

22 Feb, 2020


Looks a bit like omphalodes

23 Feb, 2020


Thank you for your suggestions,its the two tiny leaves at the bottom of the stem that is causing the ? Think it may be a weed!

23 Feb, 2020


assuming you have normal sized hands that leaf is huge. My omphaloides has small leaves.

I have had a look at Dipsacus pilosus [small teasel] and it could well be that. it grows well in ditches and damp alkaline soils. does that sort of fit with your friend's garden?
I have been checking the wild flowers and Verbascums don't have the leaflets. so I suspect Small teasel it is.
weed/wild flower/desirable plant its what you want it to be :o)

23 Feb, 2020


Not my hand but think it is normal, small teasel is what I thought first, but others differed. Garden is enclosed with lots of vegetation in south london, Thank you for your help, will wait and see later what it does, I will let you know when/if we know,

23 Feb, 2020


I always like to let unknown plants to flower before pulling them up. It could be worth the wait and if you find its a weed then nothing's lost.

2 Mar, 2020

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