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Senecio Angels Wings. This plant had lovely big soft leaves last year when it was young. Can I take cuttings of the shoots( now leggy) & start again afresh? Would aerial cuttings be a good idea or usual way, cutting off the shoots & rooting round the edge of a pot. When? Shall I try now indoors or wait until the weather warms up. Perhaps it will also grow up again from the base.( hopeful)!




Hi, this is a variety of Senecio cineraria, and is only frost hardy, the best time to take cuttings is mid to late summer, there are 5 cultivation groups for Senecio, this 1 is in group 2, it needs fairly fertile, well drained soil, in full sun, but you can sow seed in spring, in a cold frame, if you want more plants now, Derek.

27 Feb, 2020


Thank you for your reply. I'm going to try taking a cutting now though to see what happens & if it fails then I'll take your advice with the seed. If the main plant lasts till summer I could still take cuttings then.

29 Feb, 2020


My plant is looking much better now after all the sun. The cuttings did not take but it is sprouting nice new growth from where I took them. :-)

17 May, 2020

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