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By Teatime

Warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone identify this shrub? About 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, several thin stems, no single trunk, in bloom now, bees love it! About 6 years old.

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Looks like one of the prunus (cherry) family but not sure which one.

7 Mar, 2020


Could it be an almond? Can't see a flower close up. Also the trunks are grey with no hint of the usual cherry bark?

7 Mar, 2020


Prunus autumnalis - Winter flowering cherry

7 Mar, 2020


Pink Double Flowering Almond
Prunus glandulosa

8 Mar, 2020


Thanks everyone - I’ve added a close-up of the bark and the way the florets hang downward, quite a lot of small clumps along the branch. Can’t add any leaf pictures as they come after the flowers have finished. It looks as though there are tiny fruits coming on some thin stems.

9 Mar, 2020


I'm sure it's Prunus autumnalis. I had one in my previous garden and this looks exactly like it. It flowers from November until April but in March/April it has most flowers. In fact it used to be laden with them at this time of year. The leaves appear after the flowers fade.

9 Mar, 2020


Thank you all so much for your interest and help! I think the consensus is prunus and it does look like incipient cherry-like fruits may be there on some spent florets.
Sadly the vine weevils seem to have done their worst, almost overnight, whole clusters suddenly collapsed. I’ve dosed it with bug clear stuff but ... I sense my next question coming!
Thank you again!

13 Mar, 2020

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