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By Kate123

East Yorkshire , United Kingdom Gb

Hello everyone, I planted a clematis triternata last summer. It flourished very well with many flowers. However, I’ve noticed it’s just brown with no new growth at all. I’ve looked at the base of the plant too and there is no sign of green shoots or buds. I didn’t prune it at all, should I have pruned it after flowering last early autumn or should I try and prune it now?
Many thanks.

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I've no experience of this particular one, but my seat of pants feeling is it's a bit early in the year, so leave it alone and wait a bit longer until growth starts on other plants in the garden and see it it comes along then

8 Mar, 2020


This is a late flowering type so pruning is normally done now. You cut it back to about 2 foot above ground level. So, I would expect it to be still dormant at the moment.

8 Mar, 2020


Thank you both, Grandad gardener and Owdboggy, really appreciate your advice. Best wishes.

8 Mar, 2020


Correct it should still be dormant. You could prune it a bit later in Spring, and wait a little for green buds. It's gathering energy at the moment. I have a similar plant in the same state. It should be fine, unless it has rotted at the base which sometimes happens due to drainage. These plants are very resilient!

8 Mar, 2020


Prune it back now - Group 3 clematis like this should really be cut down before end of February, but as yours isn't showing any growth, just do it now. I usually take them down to about 8-10 inches, or to any obvious growth buds.

8 Mar, 2020


Thanks Legion and Bamboo. I’ll do the pruning now, fingers crossed it’s going to flourish this year! I’ll prune it to the height advised by all, can’t see any buds or green yet...

8 Mar, 2020

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