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ID? Hayloft sent me this plant labelled Hardenbergia violacea, but obviously it is not as it is white! Please could anyone ID it for me?

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Hi, it probably is Hardenbergia violacea, although it's common name is purple coral pea, the flowers can be white, pink, or lilac, or it could be the cultivar 'White Crystal', Derek.

8 Mar, 2020


Wow Derek - you know more than the Hayloft staff then! I'm really glad to hear this is a climber, and it is pretty too. Many thanks.

8 Mar, 2020


Thank you Sheila, you're very welcome, Derek.

9 Mar, 2020


Hi Sheila, I forgot to mention, this is only half hardy, so will need some winter protection, Derek.

9 Mar, 2020


Here in Arizona, the white kind is only hardy down to -4º C.

9 Mar, 2020


Thank you Tug, I’ll bear that in mind.

9 Mar, 2020

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