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Rose pruning/tidying
Hello everyone. My climbing rose is a real mess. Please could you advise what’s the best thing to do with it. I think it’s Albertine
Any help much appreciatedn




Just in time, if you look on BBC iplayer Monty was pruning roses in this weeks Gardeners' World

You can either tidy it up or chop it all down basically, have a look at Monty

22 Mar, 2020


Agree with grandadgardener, I watched Monty and was pleased I’d actually pruned mine at the right time. It was very useful.

22 Mar, 2020


Albertine is a rambler, not a climber, and ramblers should really be pruned in late September through autumn, as soon as the flowers have finished. Recommendation is to prune back all flowered growth back to a point where a vigorous new shoot has appeared, and to cut back one or two old stems ot about 12inches above ground. In practice, that often means removing too much wood on a sparse specimen, so then the advice is just to cut back the lateral (side) branches to about 3 inches from the main stem/s. Not sure how much of that you want to do at this time of year -maybe just tidy it up a bit and prune it properly at the right time later this year.

22 Mar, 2020


Thank so much for the replies about the rose pruning. Especially for saying it’s a rambler not a climber You’ve saved me from spoiling all the flowers for this year! Monty Don’s programme was really useful too

29 Mar, 2020

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