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Ideas for creepers or climbers please.
My daughter wants to create a summer seating corner in her small garden and would like ideas for easycare creepers or climbers to grow against a NW facing fence. She would like a little colour also. Any tips would be welcome.



I have clematis Constance and C tangutica on a fence and they are facing north. also Jasmine nudiflorum flowers in winter. all 3 seem to do well for me.

28 Mar, 2020


There are several climbing roses that will be happy on a north wall. I had a lovely yellow one but sorry can't remember what it was.But you can google Roses North Wall for several suggestions. If the fence is a reasonable height you might get away with an espalier Morello cherry. Honeysuckle will flower on a north fence if it gets a bit of sun at the top. Some clematis would do - just Google them as there are too many to list.
PS Seaburn - we must have posted at the same time

28 Mar, 2020


Clematis 'Guernsey Cream' would be suitable. It's a Group 2 clematis so little pruning is required

28 Mar, 2020


I would say 'Coral Honeysuckle'. Must have full sun. Very easy care, non-invasive. Clusters of bright red trumpets with a light sweet fragrance - not overpowering. Draws bees, butterflies & hummingbirds. It's actually evergreen in mild winters. Look for Lonicera Sempervirens.

29 Mar, 2020


Thank you all for these suggestions, which I will forward to my daughter.

29 Mar, 2020

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