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Incarvillea alba. I planted 3 tubers in pots last week and am now not sure about watering in the absence of rain. They were watered when planted. The advice is moist but well-drained. How should I proceed?
I mixed the compost with grit but am concerned that the tubers might rot if I water too much.



If its any encouragement I had one growing in the ground in very ordinary heavyish soil where it survived for two seasons with no special care or treatment.

30 Mar, 2020


I wouldn't worry as you have mixed grit into the compost. just don't stand the pots on a saucer, make sure they can drain.

30 Mar, 2020


Thankyou both. Yes Stera that is reassuring to know. SBG, I'm going to check one of the pots as I can't remember whether I put grit in that one. My memory has gone even worse during this current crisis.

1 Apr, 2020

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