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By Julien

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello my friends, I am in the process of changing my topiary plot on the allotment into a veg plot, all the lawn I am taking up and I want to have a snaking path going through the plot to my shed, I was going to make a low small rustic type fence to define the edges of the pathway, but would like to consider using low growing apple or pear espalier , I remember seeing something similar on gardeners world some years ago, maybe montys garden but not sure, now I am no expert on growing apples apart from the basics and would like to know what would be the best apples/pears for this situation, I suppose they will have to be on dwarf rooting stock?, also where would be the best reputable place to buy these on the net and lastly have i left this project a little late, maybe I could focus on the plot and do this later in the Autumn, thanks in advance.



Chris Bowers is a reputable seller of fruit trees, including stepover apple trees. They are mentioned on their website:

3 Apr, 2020


Ok I will have a look thanks Andrew.

4 Apr, 2020


Do you mean stepover trained apples etc? Pomona Fruit sell them ready trained(I noticed when I bought some trees last autumn). A neighbour had some as edging for his veg plot. they looked very attractive but I think he was a bit disappointed with the crop. What you are visualising sounds very attractive though, regardless of how much fruit you get.

4 Apr, 2020


Thanks steragram, I will have a look, yes I just think it would look nice to edge either side of the veg plots and any fruit would be a bonus , thanks again.

5 Apr, 2020

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