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What's the verdict on rotating composers ? ..160 litres sounds small has anyone tried these out? Looks like the kind of thing that breaks after a couple of winters open to the elements




My brother had one for about 3 yrs but he gave up on it in the end as it didn't hold lots and when 'full' it was too heavy to turn. Now he may well have over filled it but he was disappointed with it.

4 Apr, 2020


Yes thank you

4 Apr, 2020


Any suggestions of what I can use as a dump for my kitchen waste ? I've moved to Wiltshire and as far as I know don't supply food waste disposal caddy's I had rats before when I used a plastic composers. They will eat anything.

4 Apr, 2020


If all you want to use it for is your kitchen waste then it will be fine.
A small compost bin with a lid will prevent entry / deter the rats. The only time we had a rat get in was when daugheter didn't put the lid back on properly.

5 Apr, 2020


My compost bin didn't have a bottom so the rats would just burrow underneath I didn't realise why my compost would go down so quickly then one burrowed into the cavity and would scamper up the cavity every night to sleep/eat my poison in the loft. Took about 2 weeks for it to go quiet then I had bluebottles everywhere as far as I know the body is still up there.

5 Apr, 2020


Sorry! Being a writer, I couldn't let this go. Rotating composers? Roll over Beethoven!

9 Apr, 2020

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