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yes its me i am back!!! i have moved and had to leave myt beautiful garden, broke my heart. question, i have inherited some beautiful fir trees, blue, monkey puzzle, weeping things, now a couple of the fir trees are going a bit brown in the middle, i dont think they have been looked after at all, what is the general feeds for all fir trees, and when plated a platic sheet was put down and covered then in bark, i have replenished the bark, but want to give them a good breakfast??? also same thing with 3 huge bay trees, this time tho, plastic sheet covered by stones. HELP. what can i do, i have also soil like clumps of rock, heartbroke, my old garden was amazing, if you remember i won prizes for it, oh dear, must not ponder onward and upward.



I would get rid of the plastic because it is probably keeping the moisture off the roots. A photo would be helpful. I am sure you will soon get stuck in to transforming your garden and we will all enjoy your journey with you. If you get rid of the plastic sheet I would scatter bone meal on the area and rake it in. It is a slow release feed and helps promote root growth. Roots will allow the tree to get the benefit of the water. Replace the bark.

5 Apr, 2020

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