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cutting back my orchid to the nearest node to the base as the final flower dropped off today.There are two stems ,the other stem has one flower left on.Does it matter if the node is facing inwards,or do i needto find an outward facing one as you do witha rose bush?



No it doesn't matter you just cut it back to a node, it doesn't necessarily sprout from the one you have cut back to! it usually sprouts a couple further back.

8 Sep, 2010


These orchids don't do what you expect them to do. Sometimes they grow extensions beyond the flowers and the whole stem lasts ages. When the last flower drops off, if the stem goes a reddish colour, it is dying. The green cut stems may remain active or just sit there wondering what to do next. Watering through with rain water and orchid fertiliser helps new roots and leaves to sprout and, hopefully, a new flower shoot too. All three, as with 2 of my orchids, is very welcome. Repotting if the root is winding round the bottom of the pot is a good idea too

9 Sep, 2010


thanks Dorjac and Maggie 7 very useful info .Since my last post the final flower has fallen ,time to act. when you say about repotting ,do you mean when the roots are winding round the pot,do you mean the roots that are overthe top of the pot ,or the ones that have come through the drainage holes

12 Sep, 2010


I mean if the roots look crammed into the pot and start circling the bottom of the pot it might be time to think of going a pot or two larger. I did half my pots,not in bloom, in late spring with orchid compost. I washed out the roots with rain water. Nipped out any grotty ones with my bonzai clippers and repotted. They didn't seem to mind at all. There is one with lots of aerial roots and I just trimmed any that looked not so good. Because of the way I water, Pouring rain water through the pot,draining, then diluted fertiliser and draining again. the pots are dry, and the roots don't seem to go through the pot.

12 Sep, 2010


thanks dorjac for the explanation,do i do it now or wait till spring,scared i might kill it doing it at the wrong time

13 Sep, 2010


I would wait over to spring Blen. They are very tough plants that can take a lot of ignoring. You need to get some orchid compost from the GC and a size larger pot too. I don't think you can kill them apart from over watering. Then they can rot off where they meet the compost.

14 Sep, 2010


thanks again Dorjac ,the roots arejust through the drainage holes by about 2 ins so i will take your advise and wait till spring.Why do you use the rainwater for watering?

14 Sep, 2010


I use it because we have a large butt off the back roof near to the kitchen door. It should be free of chemicals. I can hold the pot over a tub of water and pour the rainwater through and let it run out onto other pots of plants near the tub. We are on a water meter and I am very eco minded. Then i let them drain and add diluted fertiliser to instructions on bottle, then allow to drain again. All my watering is done with rain water unless ther's a drought.

14 Sep, 2010


hi dorjac,i will put a container out to collect rainwater theres never a shortage around yorkshire thanks

18 Sep, 2010

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