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Another question is this a primula or primrose.i meant to add in my last question.stay safe everyone




Primula is the name of a genus of plants that include the common Primrose. The botanical name for a Primrose is Primula vulgaris.
The photo is not clear so I can't tell which of the Primulas it is.

8 Apr, 2020


it is a Primula as Hywel says. Primrose is a local/common name for P vulgaris again as Hywel says.

8 Apr, 2020


It looks like a Primula x polyantha in need of a little more nitrogen, to me. Close-ups of the leaves and plossoms may tell a different tale, though.

9 Apr, 2020


Thanks for your replies.i divided up a big clump yesterday .they look quite healthy really.what should I give them?

9 Apr, 2020

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