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Salvia Amistad - two in the cool greenhouse: can they be planted out now?



I would harden them off over Easter then plant them out, but check the weather forecast as you don't want to be planting them if it's going to get cold again. I'm currently hardening off some that have been on the kitchen windowsill

9 Apr, 2020


Thanks so much Andrew - just what I needed to know. I think they’ll be going into the cold frame, maybe for a couple of weeks. Grown from cuttings so they’re quite precious!

10 Apr, 2020


here in E Yorks They wouldn't get planted out before late April early May and then protected if frost forecast.
They certainly need hardening off as Andrew says.

10 Apr, 2020


Thanks Eileen.

10 Apr, 2020


Mine was huge about 8ft last year and flowered til December. Although its still healthy it now has lots of new growth at the base, Im planning to cut it down to give the new growth a chance

10 Apr, 2020


I’ve never heard of S, Amistad growing more than 5ft, but it’s certainly a long-flowering perennial!

11 Apr, 2020


Such a fabulous Salvia isn't it? I took some cuttings of mine but they got eaten by slugs in the coldframe. They have never got through the winter in my garden and I am in Devon, which usually means milder winters. Good luck with yours Andrew.

13 Apr, 2020


I find the biggest problem with 'Amistad' is finding cutting material. Every side shoot quickly forms a flower bud in the autumn

13 Apr, 2020


I just take the flower buds off Andrew - the plant doesn’t seem to mind.

13 Apr, 2020

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