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does anyone know what this is? it's in my north bed apparently has just one leaf. I feel I should know what it is, but it looks rather alien:-) Looking at pics, it's possible the thin leaf is not attached to the plant:-)

Dscf6626 Dscf6627



It is the time for Arum's to start appearing. Not all have leaves before the flower stalk.

10 Apr, 2020


Do you have Solomon's seal [Polygonatum]in the garden, it looks a bit like that. I don't think the thin leaf belongs to it either.
it is also similar to false spikenard [Maianthemum racemosum]

if it is either it will produce white flowers on an arching stem.

10 Apr, 2020


Thanks both, I did have some polygonatum I think some time ago, so it's possible, such a thick stem. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see.

10 Apr, 2020


Looks like Solomons Seal to me too. Mine are just coming up out of the soil like this.

11 Apr, 2020


Great, thanks, solomons seal it is:-))

11 Apr, 2020

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