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Is this creeping Charlie...or is it Jenny? Either way, it creeps!

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Surely it's a violet? Very pretty whatever it is!

11 Apr, 2020


If they have no scent then they are dog violets Viola riviniana, a native woodlander. Viola reichenbachiana is the early dog violet and has a pale spur on the back of the flower. if they have a sweet scent then they are sweet violets, Viola odorata also a native here in the uk.

All three spread by rhizomatous matts so yes this creeps but I don't know it by that name.
In the uk creeping Charlie is Glechoma hederacea or ground ivy even though it looks nothing like an ivy.

12 Apr, 2020


in the uk creeping jenny is Lysimachia nummularia and has bright yellow flowers. loves damp places and often put in hanging baskets and troughs.

12 Apr, 2020


Thank you very much. I don't detect any scent at all and I can smell Montauk daisies from Poughkeepsie with my big Irish honker. Maybe I should get down closer?

12 Apr, 2020


If you are like me, Bathgate, the ground gets farther away every year! :)
I was thinking Viola labradorica, or some of the newer hybrids of Viola odorata--which have hardly any odor, anymore.

12 Apr, 2020


Like my lofty ambitions; they're all in my head yet seem so far away.

12 Apr, 2020


But we would be sad folk without any...

12 Apr, 2020


very true Sue thanks

12 Apr, 2020

How do I say thanks?

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