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By Cecelia

Dumfriesshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello everyone, please can you advise me on what to do with my eating cherry tree. I got it as a bare root tree on colt rootstock and unfortunately it has not had any pruning at all. It does not have any branches but has buds growing from the graft upwards, right to the top of the tree which is 4ft 3in. It looks very healthy and I would like to look after it properly. I have emailed the garden centre where I purchased it but not yet had a reply. Can you help.

Cherry_tree Cheery_tree2



Can you add a photo of the whole tree please - is it in the ground, and what variety of cherry is it?

12 Apr, 2020


Hello Bamboo, I have added a second picture which I hope helps. According to the garden centre receipt, the tree is a 2 year old cherry "sunburst". It arrived this February but did not have any growing or pruning instructions when it was delivered. It is planted in the garden and seems fine. Thanks Cecelia

12 Apr, 2020


There are no branches to prune yet! It looks very healthy. Leave well alone.

12 Apr, 2020


Yea, its just a whip, so wait till some branches appear to prune. Keep it well watered during dry spells, and once the soil round it is damp, it would benefit from mulching with organic material (garden compost, composted manure, bark chips, whatever) but don't let the mulch sit against the trunk.

12 Apr, 2020


Thank you, I will leave it and let some branches grow. I have some manure to go around the tree so hopefully it will be a happy tree. Cecelia

23 Apr, 2020

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