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Can you identify this plant and, if so, can you recommend it’s care?

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Welcome to GoY, Jomo!
It looks like Mother of Thousands (Kalanchoe diagremontiana). It likes for the soil to dry out completely between waterings, very bright light--possibly even morning sun--and 1/4 strength African Violet food 3-4 times a year. In frost free areas of California and Arizona, it does better outside than inside, though it needs afternoon shade in the desert.

13 Apr, 2020


Welcome to GoY from me too.
I've had Kalanchoe diagremontiana in the past and it didn't look quite like, No where near as tall and the flowers were very orange but I am sure Tug will be correct. If it isn't Kalanchoe diagremontiana then it will still need the conditions described.

14 Apr, 2020


It looks like the first one I grew, when I was 12--back in the Dark Ages--and I kept it inside on my dresser. Way too far from the window! It took two years to gather enough energy to bloom, and the flowers were bleached out like that.

14 Apr, 2020

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